Leila Labelle



                                      Mixed Media on Canvas

                                   Mixed Media on Canvas

Artist Information


Leïla Labelle was born in Montreal, Canada. In school, she had a great interest in painting, sculpture and antique textiles, which led her to study Fashion designing at Concordia University and to take several workshops of sculpture, jewelry design and ceramics. In 2016, the artist started studying Chinese calligraphy and the art of Chinese painting with the renowned artist Liankui Zhang and taking workshops on Organic Color: Tinting Washi paper with Natural Dyes.

Recipient of numerous awards, for “The Silk Road collection in the United States and Italy.

Leïla participated in over 15 solo, group and fundraising exhibitions in Montreal, New York, France and Italy. Her work can be found in public, private and corporate collections in Quebec, Canada, the United States and Europe.

As a child, she dreamed of faraway lands. She was fascinated by China’s culture, calligraphy, textiles and garments. As she grew older, she discovered Japan’s iconic kimono, the mystic world of a Geisha, and became fascinated by the beauty and colors of India and Africa.

Leïla evolves, as an artist, through series, and her first collection "Around the World" started in the Arctic and journeyed through Africa, India and the Orient. Her growing passion for antique textiles and the history of the Silk Road" inspired her to create a new collection, “The Silk Road”, honoring textiles and traditional garments from around the world.

Her first series is about Japan’s traditional garment: the kimono in all its glory and all it embodied of beauty and sacrifice. Her new series Geisha Saga and Manga Girl Saga, inspired by Asian street art & graffiti with colorful motifs, large Asian symbols and the representation of old Geisha from the Edo period in Japan and the very popular anime Manga Girl.

Her art is not meant solely to be viewed, but to be discovered like a book, to be travelled through and to be felt. The depth of her dreams, travels and many creative experiences can be felt in her art. It is a culmination of numerous techniques, and includes symbolic fabric, handmade paper, and collage materials that she finds in the most random of places as she travels to create her story... The unique texture she creates on her canvas, is achieve with different techniques, meant as an homage to old frescoes and old wallpaper aged by the passage of time.

In 2016 she was approach to collaborate with the Project Soar foundation for girls in Morocco. It all started 2011 after travelling to Burkina Faso, Africa, that certain events trigger something in her, the need to get engaged, to give back. So the artist organize and collaborated with different organization for empowering women around the world for better human rights and education.

From now on, Leïla is committed to give a percentage of her sales to the Project Soar Foundation.

Beyond the Orient Beauty at the end of the Silk Road

“I have a story to tell...